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Find Out How We Recycle Our Waste


Being an environmentally friendly company, 99% of the waste material removed from jobs is recycled. Logwood which has recently been felled but is in manageable size pieces is given away ready to chop into logs, and we also offer this with woodchip so everything can be reused.
Our woodchip consists of smaller branches, twigs and leaves which are put through our chipper. There are many uses for woodchip - we regularly deliver to people who use it for play areas, animal enclosures, flower beds, weed supressant, footpaths and more. Please click here to be added to our database. Please note, as we will deliver to whoever is closest to the job we are working at, this will be an occasional delivery.

Please note due to demand we are currently not taking any more applications for logwood


We also are currently looking for places who would like a regluar larger delivery ie riding schools, schools, farms etc, please contact us if this is of interest.

Please note: Woodchip is supplied as a minimum of a transit tipper load, which is roughly 3-4 cubic meters.

How We Recycle Our Waste